Biggby Coffee introducing a cool new way to serve up ice cream, with liquid nitrogen

WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW) -- The Biggby Coffee franchise has been blending coffee with coffee lovers since 1995. Then the company had a taste to bring in something pretty cool.

"Added the first Milkster nitrogen ice creamery in his Biggby Coffee in Madison Heights, MIchigan," said Tom Belongia, co-owner of Biggby Coffee and Milkster in Wausau.

That was three years ago. Now, that technique is coming to the Bridge Street location in Wausau starting Friday at noon.

"Started looking around in the state of Wisconsin and I couldn't find anybody else who is currently doing liquid nitrogen ice cream and thought, why don't we be the first," Belongia added.

The process is all done from scratch and made right before your eyes.

"So it's still a liquid when you're watching us make it," Belongia explained.

The process starts with a base of 12% milkfat milk. Then flavor is added, using all fresh and real ingredients, without preservatives, additives or food coloring.

"So when we make our mint chip ice cream, we're using real mint leaves, freezing them and crushing them up," said Belongia.

Liquid nitrogen is then added to the mixer with the milk and other ingredients, chilling it with -320 degrees.

"One of the biggest things is we can't actually see the ice cream, so we're actually listening to hear a particular sound to know that we've frozen it enough into a nice, good ice cream," explained Belongia.

And voila, you have fresh-made ice cream.

"There's no air in it. There's no ice crystals in it," said Belongia,. "You're going to get a smoother, creamier, richer ice cream."

The process only takes a minute.

"There's no ice cream here until you order it."

For those who can't have dairy, Biggby will be offering strawberry and mango sorbet. Next week, the store will roll out an almond milk one called the Almond Delight.

Biggby and Milkster teamed up with the Hope Water Project, in a project called Cup-for-cup. For every cup of ice cream purchased, you're providing a cup of fresh water in places that don't have wells for fresh water in Africa.