'Be Amazing" hosts presentation to give donations to community groups

Published: May. 21, 2019 at 9:55 PM CDT
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The ‘Be Amazing’ club at Evergreen Elementary in Kronenwetter is doing their first ever presentation, to give gifts to different groups around the community.

"They worked to identify groups of people in the community that they thought would need our help," said ‘Be Amazing’ founder and advisor Cheryl Goetsch.

The students have been working on their projects since February. On Tuesday, they got to share their work.

"Today we've invited all the recipients or the representative of those organizations to come in," Goetsch added.

The students created gift boxes for various community groups in the area. The result is not only enjoyable for the people who receive the gifts, but the students as well.

"It was all fun but if I had to choose it would probably be that knowing in the end that we were going to help nursing home residents," Evergreen student Max Saari explained.

The work was not always easy for the elementary school students. But when it was tough, they just thought about the end result.

"Just having them with a big smile on their face, and know that they are not alone through their journey," Evergreen student Jada Davis said.

After four months, it would be hard to find a student in the program who wasn’t proud of the work they did.

"I feel proud and excited about helping others and they would be really happy," explained Evergreen Student Ella Roberts.

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