Baskets and Bolt Facebook spreads joy with anonymous gifts

WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW)-- A new Facebook group is on a mission to spread random acts of kindness by sharing yummy treats and surprise gifts with strangers.

Basket and Bolt Marathon County. (WSAW Photo).

Amanda Ely started the Basket and Bolt Facebook group at the beginning of the month after she was invited to her hometowns page in Michigan and decided to bring it to marathon county.

Through the group, community members are assigned a person to create a gift basket for. Once joined each person is encouraged to share a little bit about themselves so that whoever is assigned to them can put together the perfect surprise gift. Gifts are then left anonymously on doorsteps

"People see the downside and the negative side of things going on, and people need to see the positive side of what is going on. And with people doing that I think it brings a positive side to things,” Ely said.

So far more than 1,300 people have participated in the no contact gift exchange.

Ely said it has been great to see the Facebook group flood with pictures after a delivery has been made.

"My favorite part is seeing everyone receiving it and hearing their joy. It's really what makes it and makes me want to keep doing it. It's the smiles the thank yous," Ely said.

To join in on the fun ask to join the Basket and Bolt of Marathon County Facebook group a href="">Here.