Balancing after school activities when school starts up

WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW)-- The Stevens Point Area High School started registration Monday morning for seniors. Students signed up for classes and got their picture taken for the yearbook and school ID. Registration for juniors, sophomores and freshman run the rest of the week.

A school boy is running late with supplies falling out of his bookbag on a white isolated background for an education or back to school concept.

Next up for the high school is their Back to School Night where parents can meet teachers and get a look at the upcoming school year. Jon Vollendorf, the principal for SPASH said it’s important to create a relationship between parents and teachers for the student to succeed.

“As parents and teachers and school leaders it’s very easy for us to look at our school experiences and our child’s school experiences through the lenses of our own memories and so it’s important because it gives us a chance to listen to them. To hear exactly what they’re going through, the things they are going to be expected to accomplish and that allows up to support them better,” Vollendorf said.

Clubs, organizations, sports and jobs also start up soon along with school. Some kids choose to get involved in many things creating a stressful balance. Aimee Burazin, a school psychologist, said to pick and choose what to be involved in. She suggested choosing one academic, one volunteer club, and one fun club to participate in.

“Really being conscious and real thoughtful about what activities are going to lead to solid recommendations that can speak to your passion for the activity your leadership qualities documenting your ability to kind of have an impact on other and the impact that those clubs and activities had on you,” Burazin said.

While every child handles the balance differently, being too involved can hurt the student more than help their resume.

“We see kids really wanting to do their best, there has kind of been a shift in culture of perfectionism in some of your students and even some of the adults that we work with. And with perfectionism can kind of come that increase in anxiety and things like that too,” Burazin explained.

Burazin said to keep the quality over quantity mentality and talk to a counselor on what clubs may be best for you if need be.