BUDDY CHECK 7: Yoga for breast cancer survivors

Published: Nov. 7, 2019 at 3:24 PM CST
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You may know about some of the benefits of yoga for overall health. At one yoga studio in Wausau, they're offering a class with a specific clientele in mind, breast cancer patients.

5 Koshas started a six week yoga program for patients and survivors of breast cancer in January.

"From a simple standpoint, they may gain more range of motion and muscle tone," instructor Heather Van Dalfsen said.

But, the physical gains are just one small part of the class.

"It's just been empowering hearing other peoples' stories. I've been more emotional probably than I was through treatment, just having people be able to understand," breast cancer survivor Laura Beckman said.

The women say they've been able to apply the techniques they've learned, to situations outside of class, as well.

"When things are getting overwhelming, I've just learned to take a breath, and just to refocus and I didn't know that before," Janet Carstensen.

It's part of the reason, several of the participants have chosen to sign up for multiple sessions.

"The sharing that goes on was just incredible," Sally Konkol expressed.

Six week sessions of therapeutic yoga cost $75 and last for 75 minutes.