BUDDY CHECK 7: Physical therapy during cancer treatment

Published: Aug. 7, 2017 at 9:19 PM CDT
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Just 10 years ago, many breast cancer fighters would most likely be told to omit physical activity and relax after treatment. But, according to some physical therapists, exercise may actually be the best medicine.

Starting an exercise routine can be challenging, but it may also help with many of the difficulties breast cancer patients experience, including fatigue, loss of strength and loss of balance.

Theresa Adamski helps patients at any stage of their battle through Marshfield Clinic.

She says it gives them a sense of control over their bodies when they otherwise might not feel that way.

"The program can include aerobic exercise for general conditioning and improving their stamina and endurance, strengthening, range of motion, balance and proprioceptive training," Adamski said.

The American College of Sports Medicine says while regular exercise may improve physical quality of life, it's also emotionally beneficial,

and may reduce the risk of cancer recurrence, heart disease and diabetes.