BUDDY CHECK 7: Fighting breast cancer during the pandemic

Published: Apr. 7, 2020 at 8:44 PM CDT
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Not much in our lives these days is untouched by the impact of the coronavirus.

For those battling breast cancer, they're dealing with the added danger of a compromised immune system.

Amy Heimerl of Merrill was diagnosed with breast cancer in October.

With her weakened immune system, she needs to stay home to protect herself, but she also needs to continue receiving treatment.

"Personally, it means that, I don't get to have a visitor with me during my chemo treatments. So, it just means that I have to do this alone, which is ok. It's the nurses, and me, and God," Heimerl said.

Marshfield Clinic is taking extra measures to ensure all patients are extra protected during this time. They're limiting guest access to the hospital and taking patients temperatures.

They say, if people have concerns about a lump, or any breast concerns, they shouldn't wait until after the pandemic is over to make an appointment.