Athens Cat shot in front yard, family wants answers

Published: Feb. 16, 2017 at 10:13 PM CST
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An Athens cat is recovering after being shot in its own yard.

The Antross family was relaxing on Monday when Jane Antross says they heard a gunshot right outside their house. They called 911 thinking someone was poaching deer on their property.

Their porch light switched on, so Antross looked outside and noticed something strange about their cat.

"I noticed this pink blob on the top of his back," Antross said.

The family cat, Mouser, had been shot.

"The hole on top of the shoulder was so big, I could've shoved my fist right in there," Antross said.

They rushed him to the veterinarian not knowing if he would survive the night. The next morning, the Antross family was faced with a difficult decision, have Mouser's leg amputated or put him down.

"You know we're empty-nesters, this cat is like family to us, or a child to us," Antross said.

Mouser was at the vet for two days to have his surgery and heal.

"I grew up as a farm girl, I had many cats in my life but none quite as social or as affectionate as this guy," Antross said.

Jane Antross' daughter posted the story of what happened to Mouser on Facebook. Since Monday, the post has been shared nearly 3,000 times. Antross said she is hearing from friends and also complete strangers.

"Now it's almost like people want to see him prevail, but most people just want to see justice done," Antross said.

Jane Antross just wants to see her family's playmate happy, healthy and full of energy again.

"Once he gets his center of gravity back again, they say there's nothing they can't do," Antross said. She's confident that will happen.

"Even the vet said this is a cat with a very strong will to live," Antross said.

Jane Antross is happy she has been able to take time off from her new job the past few days, saying her employer has been extremely helpful in making sure she can take care of Mouser as he continues to recover.

NewsChannel 7 currently has calls in to the Marathon County Sheriff's Department about the case and will continue to provide updates as the story develops.

Right now, it's unclear just what charges the person who shot Mouser could face.