Aspirus sees significant drop in ER visits

Published: Apr. 17, 2020 at 5:54 PM CDT
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Aspirus emergency rooms are in line with a national trend. They're seeing a significant drop in the number of patients.

But they say you shouldn't be scared to come in if you have an emergency, despite the coronavirus pandemic.

Aspirus says they've seen a 50% drop in ER visits since the coronavirus pandemic started. At the same time, they've seen an increase in the seriousness of patients.

First and foremost, if you have a medical situation that requires emergency care, don't hesitate to go in. They have multiple safety measures in place to protect you, other patients and staff.

"We're worried that it's because people are afraid to come to the ER and seek care, and that we might be inundated with COVID patients," said Robin Rudie, Aspirus Wausau Hospital Emergency Department Director. "Which in our current state and across our system we are just not right now."

"Rather than catching, or intervening, early on in that disease process so they have a better outcome, they're waiting longer and longer," adds Dr. Michael Walters, Aspirus Divine Savior Chief Medical Officer. "So our interventions...they're catching it later so they might not have as good of an outcome."

If you do need medical attention and are uncertain if you should go to the ER, contact Aspirus, or wherever you get medical care, and they can guide you in the right direction.