Aspirus says it's been prepping for surge in Covid-19 cases

Aspirus Health System says it's been preparing for weeks to face an expected surge in Covid-19 cases.

Some of the measures they've taken include cross training employees on tasks they don't normally do, finding more sources for supplies and talking with other health care providers, even in areas that have been hit harder and earlier like Washington State and New York.

"A lot of what we've been doing is sharing best practices. Sharing some of those items, those things that they've learned, lessons learned as they've gone through the surge in Covid patients, a little bit ahead of where we are in Central Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan," says Jim Tischer, the incident commander for the Aspirus Health System.

Tischer says Aspirus now requires health screenings at the doors for all people who enter their facilities.

When it comes to testing for Covid-19, patients in the hospital and hospital staff will get priority.