Preparing your sump pump for flooding issues

WESTON, Wis. (WSAW)-- For many in the area, the melting snow has caused rising water, which has ended up in basements or front yards everywhere.

If your sump pump isn't prepared-- you could be in for a lot of damage.

"Your best bet of course is to check your sump pump, make sure your sump pump is working well,” said David Huth, manager of Ace Hardware in Weston. “In some cases you may need a second pump, just in case the first one should fail or overheat if it's running continuously.”

Sump pumps have been the big ticket item at hardware stores this week, with many stores completely out of stock. There are ways to make sure your sump pump is working at full strength -- before the floodwaters come.

“The best way to test your pump if it's already hooked up, just add water,” said Huth. “Get a five-gallon bucket, fill it with water, dump it in the sump, let it discharge out and then you know it's going to go when you need it to go. That will trigger the float switch and activate the pump."

Most hardware stores in the area are scrambling to get more pumps in stock, just like everything else this winter, making sure your pump doesn't fail comes down to preparation