Art exhibit features paintings of Wausau's train depot

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Wausau's famous train depot is part of a new exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Art.

picture of Wausau Ins. Depot captured from video(wsaw)

'The Wausau Story Revisited' features more than a dozen paintings with the depot. They were inspired by the famous print and TV advertisements for Wausau Insurance.

Bob Gunderson created the 'Wausau Story' campaign back in the mid-1950's. His wife Jerry checked out the paintings Friday afternoon.

"I never knew that there were 14 artists commissioned to do this. I have three of these at home, copies. But it's really exciting to see how the people putting this on did such a good job. I know they worked really hard to get it together," says Jerry

Bob's daughters Karen and Krissten flew into town for the exhibit, while 3rd daughter Kim will be watching this online.

Jerry says bob wrote a book, "Wausau History," that's well worth a read.

The exhibit runs until December 28th.