Approximately 80K Wisconsin Students to have Concussion Insurance

Published: Apr. 26, 2017 at 6:28 PM CDT
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Staring August 1st 2017, about 80,000 Wisconsin student athletes in the WIAA will have concussion insurance.

Pam Foegen the Board of Control President for the WIAA said the association is hoping it can help eliminate some of the long term effects of the brain injuries, by paying for ongoing treatment.

"When a child or a young athlete experiences a concussion it can be devastating for a family. What we are seeing is longer term results for

a concussion that need to be taken care of, this will help ensure that they get the right care," explained Foegen.

Pat Galligan the Athletic Director at Wausau West High School said he's happy to see the WIAA implement this program.

"'As an individual school we would've had a really hard time doing this. I think its wonderful the association is looking out for high school sports in this way, " said Galligan.

Scott Lunsford the Senior Vice President of K&K Insurance Company said the insurance policy will act as a secondary insurance for students so families don't have to worry about out-of -pocket costs.

"Primary will pay their portion and this program is set up to pay for all the gaps. There is zeros deductible with this program, so if there is no primary insurance set in place this will drop down and become primary," said Lunsford.

The WIAA will pay $1.50 for each student to be ensured and there will be a maximum benefit of $25,000 maximum per injury. Montana, Arizona and Michigan are the only other states to implement this Head Strong Concussion Insurance Program.