An officers act of kindness influences 10-year-old boy's life

Published: Jan. 8, 2020 at 6:58 PM CST
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At such a young age, Luke Clubb, says he wants to become a K-9 Officer to capture bad guys and help keep good people safe, and after meeting Officer Christian, he is determined to turn that dream into reality.

Luke first met Officer Christian in November on his 10th birthday when he needed help with a medical condition. Officer Christian with the Marshfield Police Department assisted the Clubbs that day and Luke was completely fascinated by everything he was doing.

“He was asking me a lot of questions,” stated Stephanie Clubb, Luke’s mom. “He wanted to know what he was doing, if he was a K-9 Officer, he was watching his every move.”

After things calmed down, the Clubbs sent Officer Christian a thank you card for his help and they expressed how Luke was very interested in becoming a K-9 officer.

Fast forward two months, Luke received a surprise box in the mail from the Marshfield Police Department from Officer Christian. In the box was a letter addressed to Luke, a stuffed animal of one of the department's K-9 Dogs, a Marshfield Police Badge, and pictures of the Marshfield Police K-9 officers with their four-legged partners.

“For him to take the time out of his life to do this – is amazing,” added Mike Clubb, Luke’s dad. “This affected our son and our family.”

Luke started to read the letter but was so overwhelmed by the act of kindness he couldn’t hold in his tears to make it to the end. His mom picked up the letter to continue reading where Luke left off and she cried as well.

“Bravery is going to the doctor on your birthday,” read Luke’s mom. “Bravery is fighting Pompe Disease with every ounce of your body -- obviously you have the qualities to do the job and we are always looking for more brave men. Signed Officer Cory Christian with his badge number. "

The Clubbs plan to frame the letter from Officer Christian along with the badge and hang it in Luke’s room to remind him to fight for his dreams.

Luke says this was his best birthday gift yet and he will always remember it.