Amherst Fair day at Rosholt Fair benefits rival after storm damage

Published: Sep. 1, 2019 at 5:31 PM CDT
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Sunday is the day the Portage County fair in Rosholt is helping the Portage County Fair in Amherst recover from storm damage in July.

After the Amherst Fair was forced to close days early because of storm damage earlier-- the Rosholt Fair Board stepped up to help.

On Sunday, $1 from every ticket sold will help the Amherst Fair, a unique partnership bringing two rival fairs from the same county together.

“It’s like neighbor helping neighbor,” said Rosholt Fair President Chris Martin.

And they even made shirts to mark the unusual occasion.

“This is probably the first time we've had a shirt with both logos on it, Amherst and Rosholt, which is pretty cool,” said Martin.

People who work for the Amherst Fair are taking tickets-- and they're seeing a record number of people so far.

“All of his people are coming over here,” said Martin, gesturing to Amherst Fair President Tim Pederson.

On an average fair Sunday, Rosholt expects to see about 4,000 people come through the fairgrounds, but because people want to support the Amherst Fair, Martin estimates they will see up to 8,000 people Sunday.

"We're grateful, when you have small communities, people come out and help each other out," Pederson said.

Anyone who passes through the gates of the fair is greeted by one of 30 to 40 volunteers from Amherst.

“We survived and we're thankful that the Rosholt fair gave us the opportunity to come up here and sell tickets to maybe get a few more bucks back into the Amherst fair," said Tom Ferg, an Amherst Fair Board Executive who was taking tickets Sunday.

The fair continues Monday with a demo derby.

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