Am-Fam invests in UW data science initiative

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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) -- American Family Insurance announced Friday that it will invest $20 million in UW data science initiatives.

That includes $10 million in research over the next decade and establishing a $10 million endowment to create the American Family Insurance Data Science Institute on the UW-Madison campus.

The creation of the institute means that UW-Madison can now create a data science major.

"Virtually every discipline in this university is becoming more data-driven,” said the chancellor of UW-Madison, Rebecca Blank. “Both more use of big data, more use of data analytic techniques. And that is only going to grow over time.”

According to a press release, Am-Fam hopes that new research associated with the partnership will yield breakthroughs in many areas, from precision agriculture to autonomous vehicles.

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