Students gain delivery skills with new cow birthing simulator

Published: Jun. 5, 2019 at 8:21 AM CDT
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Agriculture students at mid-state technical college are will gain new confidence thanks to a new tool nearly six feet tall.

To demonstrate how the new cow birthing simulator will help future farmers and veterinarians Sunrise 7 was joined by Ron Zillmer, Dean of the School of Transportation, Agriculture, Natural Resource, and Construction at Mid-State Technical College.

Mid-State found that central Wisconsin is in need of more large animal veterinarians. But no classroom is better than hand-on experience.

The lifelike birth cow simulator arrived at Mid-State’s Marshfield campus in March and will be used for training students to protect both mother and calf in 12 different common cattle birth scenarios.

“This allows us to train technicians in a controlled environment and give them reputations that are not possible with live cows and not healthy for live mothers and calves,” explained Zilmer.

Zillmer says the simulator will put Mid State students at an advantage above others in the field. “We learned that producers have been forced to perform more deliveries on their own due to fewer large animal vets in the region, and that has required them to be more certain of births that truly require a vet’s assistance.”

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