After stabbing, Crystal Leopold's family speaks out against domestic violence

Published: Aug. 16, 2017 at 10:52 PM CDT
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Crystal Leopold was known for being happy, outgoing and bold according to her family.

On Friday, August 11 she was stabbed and killed by her ex-boyfriend according to Milwaukee Police. Leopold has four young children.

Wednesday evening, Crystal’s family and friends gathered in front of the Waupaca Library and walked to a park wearing purple, in honor of domestic violence victims.

Leopold’s siblings are on a mission to help other domestic violence victims.

"We want to reach out to people who are being violently abused and don't know how to come out. Just talk to a friend, just tell somebody,” Leopold’s sister, Tiffany Leopold, said.

In the weeks leading up to her death, Crystal’s family had been trying to get her and her four kids back to Waupaca from Milwaukee. According to her sister Natasha, she was planning on visiting Crystal who had just gotten a restraining order from the ex-boyfriend that is now suspected of killing her.

"We want to raise awareness to everyone that this could happen, she was way too young to go and she was trying to get out,” Natasha Leopold said.

Tiffany and Natasha don’t want to see anyone else lose a loved one to domestic violence, and they say even though they were trying to get Crystal to a safe place, it wasn’t enough.

"The children that lose a parent like this, it's not right, my sister had four boys and lost them because of somebody being selfish and it's not right, she shouldn't have gone through that,” Natasha said.

As the sun started to set, Leopold’s family released lanterns in the air. When some didn’t cooperate, Natasha said it must’ve been Crystal playing one last prank on them as she looked down from heaven.