Adams-Friendship coach teaches team perseverance

ADAMS-FRIENDSHIP, Wis. (WSAW)-- The high school wrestling season is coming to an end. But in Adams-Friendship, the team's coach is teaching his players a pretty valuable lesson about not giving up--after a health scare of his own, years ago.

Coach Leviner was a two-time champion in high school and continued his wrestling career at Oshkosh. But in his junior year, he received some devastating news.

"I had a genetic heart problem. Doctors pretty much told me that I would have to get heart surgery in about five years and replace a valve. I looked at him and said, 'Why am I going to wait five years?' I got it replaced and from there I started coaching," Leviner said.

While he can no longer wrestle, Chad has found his place beside the mat, helping the generation to be the best wrestlers they can be.

"He just tells us about his past experiences and telling us what we can do to make ourselves better. Just helping us every step of the way," Adams- Friendship senior Harry Narwot added..

Like his own story, Coach Leviner wants his wrestlers to see how they can push their limits to be better people.

"Wrestling is a sport that pushes people past their limits. So once you get pushed past those limits and you know what you can do and what you can take and suffer and come back. Get right back on that horse like they say, it does make everything in life easier," Leviner explained.