Aaron Rodgers speaks first time after injury

Published: Nov. 3, 2017 at 4:47 PM CDT
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We're hearing from Aaron Rodgers for the first time since his injury last month.

The Packers quarterback took a hard hit during the Minnesota game and broke his collarbone.

Rodgers is on the Injured Reserve until at least Week 15 in mid-December.

"It's obviously sadness associated with being away from the team and being out and not able to play. Obviously there was initially frustration, disappointment. For me, I really had a great support system out in California, great doctors, everything went well with the surgery. I want to be healthy, that's the most important thing. But if we're healthy in eight weeks, and it makes sense to come back, then I'm going to come back," Rodgers said.

"The best thing that happened probably in this was to just place me on IR. Because now you know it's at least going to be 8 weeks. The last time the holdup was that the bone was not healed. That was the main holdup. You could see me throwing in practice. You could see me positive about it and feeling good, but then you go to the scan and it's not healed yet. So it did kind of take the duration. Now you have an opportunity after 8 weeks. You all need to temper expectations, because as much as I would love to be able to get back out there this year, if it's not healed then there is no conversation. If it is healed, then there is a conversation and we will go from there. That is kind of the outlook at this point," Rodgers added.