A reminder from administrators that bullying comes with consequences

WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW)-- The Wisconsin Rapids School District defines bullying as a repeated act with intentional aggression toward another person. The Wisconsin Rapids Common Council passed a bullying ordinance in June to target bullying. The ordinance can fine parents for their child's bullying. If guilty, fees start at $50 dollars and can go up to $250. Craig Broeren the Superintendent for the Wisconsin Rapids School District said that no citations have been given. The citation comes as a last resort if working through the school fails.

the text stop bullying written with chalk in a chalkboard and an eraser on a blue rustic wooden desk in a classroom

Broeren said he's hopeful for the school year. He wants to remind students that bullying is easily avoidable.

"An ability to really just go about your own business is really all we’re talking about here. And so the bar is so low, Which is one of the reasons why it's such an aggravating issue for people because it is, just don't do it,” Broeren said.

Broeren said the citation is to help create a collaborative approach where law enforcement can help parents navigate the problem. He said the school never children to be afraid to come to school. He encourages parents to talk with their children about appropriate behavior. If you find your child is being bullied, Broeren said there are a number of resources to get help.

"If it is occurring in school, around school, or is associated with school, your first step is to reach out and speak with any school personnel. It doesn't matter who you report it to. It can be an office secretary when you walk in. It can be via e-mail to an administrator or a classroom teacher, to just about anybody from the school district,” Broeren said.

If bullying occurs outside of school Broeren said to reach out to local officers.