97-year-old Wis. veteran returns to the USS Midway

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SAN DIEGO, Calif. (KFMB) -- It's been decades since 97-year-old Ed Stankowski served as a sailor on-board the USS Midway's maiden voyage.

On Wednesday, he visited the aircraft carrier for the first time since.

At 97, Stankowski remembers more than you'd think.

"I was very happy to get on this ship. It was the biggest one they had in the Navy at the time and something to be a part of," Stankowski said.

On Wednesday, the Navy veteran got to relive some of those memories made aboard the USS Midway, where he was apart of the maiden voyage back in 1945.

"Lots of activity all the time, time passed pretty good," he recalled.

Ed served in radio communications, translating morse code and teaching new sailors how to do the same.

"It was nice to get different people from different areas with different ideas. I learned a lot," he said.

Re-visiting the old aircraft carrier was an idea brought about by his family, all of whom traveled to San Diego with Ed from their home in Wisconsin.

During the tour----Ed checked out the radio room where he once worked.

He even brought along his old uniform to show the volunteers.

As for one of his fondest memories serving, Ed says it was the newness of the ship, as well as the quality of the food.