Community Blood Center announces antibody testing for potential plasma donors

Bag of blood plasma (file photo)

APPLETON, Wis. (WBAY) - The Community Blood Center has announced coronavirus antibody testing to help identify more people to be convalescent plasma donors.

However, a spokewoman says at this time, testing will not be done at the Woodruff location.

"We are, however, planning on working with potentially eligible donors on some of the mobile drives throughout the state," Rachel Sonnentag explained.

Convalescent plasma comes from a person who has had COVID-19. The plasma is being used for coronavirus patients who are very sick and in an intensive care unit.

CBC announced Thursday that it now has the capability to conduct the antibody testing. The test can determine if someone has been exposed to COVID-19.

That plasma could help save the life of someone struggling to fight off the COVID-19 infection.

Here's who can be tested:

• Positive COVID-19 medical test or had symptoms of COVID-19 but did not receive a formal medical test diagnosis
• No longer has symptoms of COVID-19
• Meets all blood donor eligibility criteria

The Community Blood Center antibody testing is not for the general public. It is for people who are potential convalescent plasma donors for COVID-19 patients.

The center anticipates the antibody testing will be ready by the first week of June.

For more information, call CBC at (800) 280-4102 or visit

In April, the Community Blood Center announced its first donation of plasma from a recovered patient.