Creating schedules for students at home

WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW)-- While staying in your PJ’s all day might be the comfiest way to learn, school administrators say families should still be treating school days at home like they would a regular school day. That includes getting dressed, having recess and overall creating schedules for students to follow.
Charlie Heckel, administrator of Rural Virtual Academy said students thrive off of schedules and are used to them in the classroom. Heckel said setting aside specific time for school work, creative time and play time outside is the best way to make the most out of the school day.

While students may want to sit down and get their work done, Heckle said taking breaks and spreading work out throughout the day can help both parents and students not become overwhelmed by the new home schooling normal that will ultimately give parents a bigger part in their child education journey.

"One of the benefits of this unprecedented time is going to be that reconnection of kids and families and education. I really believe that. To be able to spend some time with your child and see how they learn, where they naturally excel. It's exciting for a parent,” Heckel said.
Heckel advises that parents reach out to their child’s school to get a good understanding of what they require their students to do. While every schedule may be different, it still important to create structure.