Warmer temperatures require faster deer meat processing

COLBY, Wis (WSAW) -- Gun deer season starts this Saturday and this year hunters will have warmer weather and lots of sunshine which will impact the way they should process their meat. Meat processors say keeping your venison out in the sunlight could be dangerous.

“You need to get the carcass chilled down as soon as you can,” explained Joseph Mueller who is the Meat Manager at Smith Bros Meats in Colby. “The faster you can get it to a facility to process your deer, the quality your venison will be.”

This weekend hunters can expect to see temperatures reaching 40 degrees. If you harvest a deer it’s important to clean it right away to protect the meat from getting contaminated.

“It’s also important that you take out all of the internals. When people come to us, about 30% of the time, the animals are not fully dressed,” added Mueller.

Mueller says you should keep the carcass in ice and the shade. By following those simple rules you should be good to continue to hunt for a few more hours.