53rd Annual NewsChannel 7 Women's Pinbuster Results

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MARSHFIELD, Wis. (WSAW) -- The 53rd annual NewsChannel 7 Women's Pinbuster featured some unique mascots, and one of a kind rituals.

It was an event where the only thing served more than spares and strikes, may be the high fives and drinks.

Friendship resident Sue Semb competed in her first Pinbuster this year.

"Just being all together and having fun, doing the high fives and you know, the cards. Winning and losing? It's not a big deal to us.," Semb said.

Diana Witter, the only woman to roll a perfect 300 in Pinbuster history also competed this year.

"Well you think about it, but it's something that doesn't come around very often so you just try your best," Witter said.

She didn't pick up the 300 this year, but she did finish with a 541.

Now it's time to hand out some trophies.

Mariah Purkis took home individual honors in Division 1, bowling a 714.

In Division 2, that honor belongs to Annette Vandehey. She finshed with 611.

38 teams competed for more than $3,000 worth of cash and hardware.

North Star Lanes finished third with a 2989.

This year's runner-up, American Auto Body with a 3140.

The 2017 NewsChannel 7 Women's Pinbuster Champions, West Cove Lanes #1. They finished with a 3164.

"We really all came together as a team. The two that are here, but all five of us just really rallied around each other," said team member Hollyann West, "If one person was struggling, everyone else stepped up, and that ended up working out obviously really well for us."

Thank you to everyone who competed in this years Women's Pinbuster, we'll see you again in 2018.