Your Town Stratford: New single family home subdivision coming to Stratford

STRATFORD, Wis (WSAW) -- The village of Stratford is hoping to provide more opportunity for residents to build their own homes after a survey showed that most people living in the area rent for housing.

“Several of our residents currently rent where they stay,” stated Village President, Keith Grell. “Our survey showed that most would prefer to own rather than rent their property.”

Recently Knoll Acres LLC purchased a large piece of land on the north end of Stratford with the intention of creating a new subdivision with 56 buildable lots.

"We are hoping to have the lots ready for buildings to be completed and housing to be completed by the end of September," said Allie Knoll, owner of Knoll Acres.

With Stratford roughly 30 minutes away from Wausau, and nine miles from Marshfield, village officials hope the new property would attract families to build in the area and commute for work if they need to.

“We anticipate most homes starting around $225,000 and could range to whatever the homeowners desires,” added Knoll.

According to the developer, 43 lots will be available for this year and an additional 14 lots will be available in phase two of the project.