Pothole woes on Country Club Drive force officials to expedite repairs

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STEVENS POINT, Wis. (WSAW) -- Country Club Drive is a growing problem for residents in the Stevens Point area. Potholes and temporary fixes riddle the roadway in both directions. It is causing issues for drivers and residents.

"Some of the potholes that are bad have gotten even worse," said Charles Green, a resident in the Town of Hull.

"This year it seems to be really bad. The melting and freezing repeatedly has really deteriorated the road," explained Mayor Mike Wiza, city of Stevens Point

The city and the Town of Hull have both heard numerous complaints about the roadway. The Town of Hull actually owns the road which both the city and Hull residents use. So both communities are coming together to try and fix the road but it turns out there is already an agreement between them in place. "An agreement between the city of Stevens Point and the Town of Hull since 1985 that if the road ever needed to be reconstructed that the city would pay for 70-percent of it if the Town of Hull maintained the road," said Wiza.

The Town of Hull has been filling potholes and keeping up with repairs but the road is simply past the point of easy fixes. "Fixing this here and there doesn't solve the problem and it is only a temporary fix," said Green.​

"It doesn't make sense to put a layer coating over it because that will just last a year," said Wiza.

Now both communities are working to expedite the process. A special committee meeting has been called for Monday for the city to review a reconstruction plan. If it is approved the plan will move to the city council. If it is approved there construction could start as early as July.