Milwaukee police officers honored at National Police Week

Milwaukee police officers 52-year-old Michael Michalski and 23-year-old Charles Irvine will be permanently remembered in the nation's capital at the Law Enforcement Memorial. (Source: Gray DC)
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WASHINGTON (GrayDC) It's National Police Week in the nation's capital. Thousands of people from around the country are in D.C. to honor fallen officers, including family members.

What started as Peace Officers Memorial Day more than 60 years ago has expanded to a whole week of events including a candlelight vigil and Peace Officers memorial service. Our Washington bureau's Jillian Angeline speaks to the brothers of Milwaukee officers who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

It is a solemn week in Washington as families and fellow officers pay tribute to those officers who lost their lives in 2018. That includes two of Milwaukee's own--52-year-old Police Officer Michael Michalski and 23-year-old Charles Irvine.

Officer Michalski was shot and killed chasing after a suspect July 25 last year. Officers are remembering their friend as funny and energetic--the life of the party.

"He was definitely a guy that loved to laugh and loved to make other people laugh," said Timothy Keller, a detective at the Milwaukee Police Department.

"I would do anything to bring these guys back," he said.

Officer Irvine nicknamed "Chucky" by his coworkers was killed in a car crash while chasing after a reckless driver on June 7 last year. Officers remember Chucky as positive and friendly.

"He was one of the nicest officers, one of the nicest people I ever met, he was always there for you," said Benjamin Ade a patrol officer with the city's police.

"I miss his smile, being able to talk with him, laugh with him, joke with him, but he was just a very refreshing spirit," said Shamara Alexander, a patrol officer with the City of Milwaukee Police Department.

"A lot of people look at Chucky as a shy guy but actually when you got him to open up, he talked a lot," said Joseph Pikulik, an officer with the city's force.

Family members of Michalski and Irvine laid flowers on the Capitol lawn in front of thousands at the National Peace Officers ceremony...just one way of keeping their memory alive. Their names etched on the Law Enforcement Memorial wall as a reminder of their ultimate sacrifice.

National Police Week lasts until Saturday.

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