TRANSFORMATION COMPLETE: Recruits graduate from Marine bootcamp

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SAN DIEGO, Cali. (WSAW) -- After a long 3 month journey recruits have come a long way since stepping onto the yellow footprints. A journey where at some point most of them think what did I get myself into. But they made it.

Educators from across Wisconsin witnessed the graduation of Fox Company at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot in San Diego. This is the final dismissal and culmination of a recruit's training, but training doesn't stop after boot camp.

The graduation is a very formal event and includes the recruit's drill instructor, key training personnel and everyone's favorite the depot mascot. An English bulldog named Smedley Butler.

Graduation was the last thing educators got to see during their week in San Diego. For some it changed their perspective on the military. "I met 15-20 young men and women who have made a commitment to their country and they are really impressive individuals. If somebody is unsure about what they should be doing I think the Marines or military is a great career choice," explained Ben Morey, a teacher from the New Lisbon School District.

"Everybody thinks that you are going off to war and not that many people actually see battle there are just so many other jobs and opportunities. It's just so cool to have that first hand experience and talk to recruits," said Andrew Stendahl, a teacher from the Madison Metropolitan School District.

It's an experience these educators will never forget.