Greenhouses are struggling to keep plants warm during extreme weather

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WOOD COUNTY, Wis. (WSAW) -- While it may be frigid outside and people are home from work -- staff at Mill Creek Gardens are working hard to make sure their plants stay alive and grow inside their greenhouses.

"It's the hard work loading the wood stoves every three hours through the night so this greenhouse does not drop below 72 degrees," explained Danielle Winer, Owner of Mill Creek Gardens.

That's more than a hundred degree difference between the outside air temperature and the temperature inside the greenhouse. All that stands between the negative temperatures outside and the plants is just two layers of plastic.

Danielle and Eric Winer own Mill Creek Gardens and are already thinking about spring but mother nature has other plans. "We are supposed to be planting cuttings which are small baby plants but unfortunately those are stuck on the road and those are on a truck that broke down near Madison. So no planting today but working with renewable energy wood to heat our greenhouse," said Winer.

It's a large operation to grow plants you'll want to take home in May. "We have six greenhouses so 5 of them are dedicated to our potted plants business the annuals perennials but then our largest is for our cut flowers," said Winer.

Mill Creek Gardens has been gearing up for this cold for the past two weeks by making sure their heating systems work. But they say they never know what could happen when it gets this cold. "It's scary when it gets this cold and it is not just for greenhouse growers, it's for farmers it's for people that have no choice but to go to work and we're just praying everyone is safe and snuggled in," said Winer.