Girl, 7, collects pillow cases for Children's Hospital of Neenah

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CHILTON, Wis. (WBAY) -- Going to the hospital can be scary at any age, but one young girl is doing her part to help kids feel more comfortable while staying at Children's Hospital of Neenah.

Back in October, 7-year-old Jada Kuehl from Hilbert told her mom that she wanted to do something nice for sick children in the hospital.

Being too young to volunteer, they came up with a pillow case fundraiser.

"Where we can collect new children's themed pillow cases to donate to the children's hospital," said Michelle Denter, Jada's mom. "It makes them feel more at home when they are in the hospital."

Being in the middle of cold and flu seasons, Denter said the need for pillowcases is great right now.

So far, Jada has collected 85 cases for kids, but her goal is 100. She even has a creative way of keeping track of the community's donations.

"There's a little tree that we put an ornament on for every five pillow cases," said Jada. "When we get to 100, we put on the star."

"We have gotten monetary donations as well, where people donate money and my daughters and I go to the store and pick out pillow cases, "said Denter. "That part will give you all the feels. It's amazing to pick out all these different fun-themed pillow cases and know some kid is going to get those."

The pillow case drive goes through Friday, Jan. 11.

If you'd like to donate, you can either mail them to P.O. Box 406 Hilbert, WI 54129 or drop them off at any one of the sites listed below:

St. Mary Catholic School in Hilbert

Sherwood Forest Golf Club

Unity Church in Appleton

Officials Den Bowl and Spirits in Hilbert

Ms. Fit Health and Wellness Studio in Chilton

Stockbridge School

Chilton Public Library

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