Heat-related emergency calls are up 30% this month

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MILWAUKEE, Wis, (WISN) Extra paramedics and emergencies officials were on hand for the near- record breaking heat wave across Wisconsin.


Bell ambulance service brought in 100 paramedics and managers to be on stand-by. More than 40 ambulances were also prepped.

Firsts say--when it gets this hot-- there could be an increase in emergency calls and they usually come all at once. Paramedic Scott Oleszeck described what you could experience during a heat-related injury.

"The symptoms could be something as simple as a muscle cramp, leading all the way up to unconscious, vomiting, nausea, stomach cramps. just feeling weak, feeling tired. Those kinds of things" Oleszeck said.

Heat related calls are up 30% as compared to June 2017.