38th NewsChannel 7 Men's Pinbuster

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WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW)-- The 38th edition of the NewsChannel 7 men's Pinbuster is in the books.

Class A was held at Dale's Weston Lanes with almost 9,000 dollars in cash and prizes up for grabs.

As expected, Neil Bergman was there, and so was Ray Wojcik. Those two haven't missed a single event.

Every year since 2010, we've had at least one 300 game, that streak continues. Justin Polzin turns the trick in his 2nd game of the day. The 22nd perfect game in Pinbuster history, the first ever for Justin.

"Its indescribable, I have no idea," Polzin said. "I have no words. I've been waiting for this for a long time. And to be able to have this. Its unbelievable. I don't remember the last time I jumped that high. Been this happy."

High series in Division 1 goes to Mike Carstensen with 768, Daniel Kaminski's 749 tops D2.

Team results, Striking Edge Pro Shop takes 3rd with a 3280.

Coming in 2nd place is Hintz Pallets with a 3367.

Just 7 pins behind this year's Class A Men's Pinbuster champion, Red Granite, with a total score of 3374.

"Being here, winning it for the first time with these guys, this group of guys," said spokesman Aaron Clark. High fiving, drinking, having a good time. It didn't matter what we did, we were always there for each other."

Class B of the 38th annual NewsChannel 7 Men's Pinbuster saw plenty of action this year and an almost perfect performance.

Doug Ford of Wisconsin Rapids threw 11 strikes in a row before leaving just one pin standing on his final throw. He finished his first game with a 299.

While no one was able to snag a perfect game, some teams and players managed to go home with a bit of money in their pocket. And for some a bit of hardware.

Adam Hanke takes home the trophy for high game with a 258 in division 2.

Brad Davis wins high series with a 639.

Now for the team awards. Werner Insurance finished in 3rd place with a 2817.

This years runner-up is AA Locksmith with a 2842.

The Class B Pinbuster champion for 2017 is JC Builders with a 2925.

"We've been trying to win this for quite a few years," said Jim Gabay. "We tied it 6, 8 years ago. It was the first time it had been tied in quite a few years. This if the first time we've won it outright, Its been a lot of fun."

Thank you to everyone for participating in the 38th NewsChannel 7 Men's Pinbuster. We'll see you again in 2018.