37th Annual NewsChannel 7 Men's Pinbuster Results

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WESTON, Wis. (WSAW) -- Click here for all results.

The biggest, richest, longest running one day tournament in the state saw more than 14,000 dollars in cash and prizes handed out.

Two gentlemen have rolled in all 37. Ray Wojcik and Neil Bergmann have a game within the game to see who sits out first.

"I asked Ray that before," Bergmann said with a smile. "I said, aaww, I see you came back, too. He said, yeah. So I don't know."

Doug Brodziski has been in all but the first one, because he wasn't a top-10 bowler in Athens at the time. Tom Putskey missed the inaugural one as well, but not by his own choice.

"I was bowling on a team with some guys and they just didn't feel like that wanted to bowl Channel 7 because they didn't think the tournament would last."

We're glad they were wrong.

First game of the day was a special one for Ringle's Tim Walter. 12 up and 12 down for a 300. His 7th, and the 21st in Pinbuster history.

"I was a little bit more calm the first shot," Walter said about nerves on the last ball. "But when it came to the second and third and you see the big camera up in the back it makes you a little bit more nervous."

Antigo's Chris Orgeman stepped up needing one more strike for a perfect score, but leaves two standing for a 298.

Class B has never had a 300 before, Jason Cherek was two short of that. But he takes home some hardware. 298 is good for high game in Class B.

Joe Walters with high series in Class B, rolling a 685.

Lets give away some team awards. West Cove #1 finishes 3rd with a 2953.

The Class B runner-up is D's Burger and Bar at 2964.

21 pins behind this year's Class B Champion, Edgar Lanes #5 with a 2985, and 2,000 dollars in cash.

"Pretty much team work. It seemed like they were a little dry on the outside. So they'd walk right in for the guys throwing it that way."

To Class A now. Green Lawn finishes 3rd with a 3301.

In 2nd place is Homestead with a 3355.

And jumping from 12th place a year ago to #1 is Brandon's Farm, with a 3446, 3rd highest team series in Pinbuster history, and a cool three-grand in cash.

"It's one that eluded us. We finally placed last year. This year was just amazing. We just got it all going at the same time."

Brandon Schilling from the champs has high series in A with a 780.

Thank you to everyone for participating in the 37th NewsChannel 7 Pinbuster, and we'll see you for number 38 next year in Marshfield.