UPDATE: 4th Peregrine Falcon hatches at WPS Weston plant

Image, video credit: Wisconsin Public Service
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WESTON, Wis. (WSAW) -- According to Wisconsin Public Service, the fourth Peregrine Falcon has hatched at the Weston Power Plant nest box. The chick was born Mother's Day around 12 p.m.

That brings the total of falcons that Peregrine parents Sheldon and Rosalee have birthed to 15, WPS said, with the group of chicks the 34th born overall at the nest box. The box is one of five others across the state, including Oak Creek, Milwaukee, Port Washington and most recently in downtown Green Bay.

WPS developed the nest box project to help the Peregrine Falcon species, once near extinction, recover in Wisconsin. WPS facilities have birthed more than 100 falcons since 1996.

You can check the box camera live on the WPS website.

Images and video credit to Wisconsin Public Service.