2020 meal makeovers on a budget to meet healthy eating goals

(WZAW) -- The New Year is here, and many viewers are looking for new and fresh ideas to kick start a positive path ahead. With so many “buzz words” in the nutrition category, it can be stressful trying to make sense of all the on-trend options.

Ellie Krieger, author and nutritionist, shares nutritious meal ideas on a budget (WZAW photo)

On Friday, one of the nation’s leading nutritionists and author Ellie Krieger, joined NewsChannel 7 at 4 via satellite to share several ways to incorporate budget-friendly fresh foods into any 2020 meal plan.

As Ellie is teaming up this season with ALDI, she discussed ways to stay on trend and on budget by highlighting the important changes that are key to any healthy dietary plan. They're changes which all the most talked about dietary programs of the year have in common – from plant-based to keto and more.

Krieger recently came out with a new book titled "Whole In One: Complete, healthy meals in a single pot, sheet pan or skillet".

You can find the recipes Krieger shared by visiting www.aldi.us