2020 Girl Scout Cookie season teaches: it's more than just a cookie

Boxes of cookies ready to be sold for the 2020 cookie season. (WSAW Photo).
Boxes of cookies ready to be sold for the 2020 cookie season. (WSAW Photo).(WSAW)
Published: Jan. 14, 2020 at 8:39 AM CST
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The Girl Scouts of the Northwestern Great Lakes will start selling their beloved Girl Scout Cookies on January 17.

While the cookies are a great treat, the season is about much more than selling thin mints. Through the cookie program, girl scouts work hard to develop five key skills they can use throughout their lives including goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills and business ethics. Holly Wolfgram, with the Girl Scouts of the Northwestern Great Lakes said these skills can lead to great futures for girls.

“Through the cookie program she will learn to talk to someone intelligently, explain what she wants succinctly, and have the self-confidence to do that ask. And that is going to flow over into every other part of her life,” Wolfgram said.

Gwen Taylor, with the Girl Scouts of the Northwestern Great Lakes also said these sales not only give girls confidence, but actually make them 20 percent more likely in becoming entrepreneurs later in life than non-Girl Scouts.

"People see cookies as, oh the girls are out there selling cookies which is absolutely true but they're learning skills, which is the most important. Again when we talk about equalizing the playing field or equalizing things for our more marginalized population, getting the skills that the girls gain through the cookie sale is like no other,” Taylor said.

Not only does the cookie program keep all raised money in the community, but it helps fund Girl Scout projects and camps for the year.

"The cookie program is investing in girls, it's investing in their future. It's no different than when your write a check to your favorite youth serving organization or non-profit. When you give five dollars to that girl you're helping fund her community service, you're helping fund her camping adventures, you're helping fund our organization and you get an awesome box of cookies,” Taylor said.

This year’s top cookie sellers in the Northwestern Great Lakes will earn a trip to the Girl 2020 National Conference in Orlando this October.

If you want to support your local Girl Scouts but don't need another box of cookies in the house, troops can donate your purchase to troops overseas or to first responders in the area.

Door-to-door sales begin on Friday, January 17. Cookie Booth sales being on February 28 and go until March 29. Cookies are $5 a box.

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