Merrill racer, 15, wins the Milwaukee Mile

Published: Jul. 11, 2019 at 10:18 AM CDT
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Some people are surprised to find that Wisconsin has such a rich driving history. But with talented young racers like Merrill’s 15-year-old Levon Van Der Geest, the future for the sport is bright as well.

All his life Levon has grown up in the racing lifestyle.

"I took my first steps in the garage, and as a kid I was always in here," Levon said.

Levon follows after his father, who’s been involved in the sport for over 20 years and is happy that his son has taken an interest in the sport.

"If a father is a race car driver, they want their son or daughter to be a race car driver. No question about it,” Levon’s father Jay Van der Geest explained.

Over his seven year career Levon has become quite the accomplished racer. Then June 16 the winner of the oldest race in the world, the Milwaukee Mile.

"It was my goal to race at the Milwaukee Mile, because it was a historical track and really cool too," Levon added.

It was only five years ago that Levon was watching one his older teammates in the race from a suite at the racetrack. After winning the race, it was a surreal moment for his whole family.

"To have your son racing in the Milwaukee mile, winning the race, and all on Father’s Day. It does not get any better than that," Jay Van Der Geest explained.

In the historical race Levon’s car reached speeds of 120 miles per hour, above average by any means. But there’s one way that Levon is just like any other driver.

"I don’t have my license or my temps and I have to go through the process just like everyone else did," Levon said.

"Levon had to be at driver’s education at 8 a.m. this morning, but he has to do what everyone else has to do," Levon’s Mother Kristin Van Der Geest added.

On the racetrack Levon is in a league of his own. But someday, he hopes to join elite company.

“Big series like the NASCAR truck series or any other series like that. But I would just be happy racing trucks,” Levon said.