Medford boy throws pizza and ice cream party to thank deputies

MEDFORD, Wis. (WSAW)-- Twelve-year-old Hudson Briggs threw a pizza and ice cream party for police officers Monday at the Taylor County Sheriff's Office as a way to say thank you to those who protect people every day.

"I really like officers and I'm really thankful for them that they can protect us. And that they're ready for any situation. So I just really wanted to thank them," Hudson said.

Last year, he held a lemonade stand to raise money and raised $182. When he went to buy the pizza and the ice cream, community members decided to donate it.

"The community also wanted to support the officers and a lot of people that came to the lemonade stand were really generous with their donations," he said.

This left Hudson with a lot of pizza and ice cream and $182. Which means Hudson got to buy the police a brand new coffee maker.

Chief Deputy Corey Dassow says officers appreciate that Hudson and the community wanted to give back to them.

"We go day to day just taking calls and dealing with sometimes, when people are at their worst. But then to see this just kind of balances it all out, and I think it's encouraging, very encouraging," Dassow said.

And Hudson would know just how important officers can be on the worst days.

"I went through a trauma at school," Hudson said.

He was so inspired by officers helping out, that it made him want to be one.

"I just really want to protect kids and become an officer when I'm older," he said.

And his mom, Shanna Briggs, was pretty proud.

"He's went through some hard things, and in that God has turned that into something great, something that is blessing more people," she said.