11-year-old girl harvests 1 buck, 2 does her first time hunting

Published: Oct. 9, 2019 at 10:00 PM CDT
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An 11-year-old girl from Birnamwood is grinning ear to ear after a very successful youth hunt during the Youth Hunt weekend.

Aubrie Jehn says it was her first time in the woods hunting with her dad when she brought home three deer.

“She came to me and said that she wanted to hunt,” said Derrick Jehn, Aubrie’s dad. “I was a little surprised because she hasn’t shown a lot of interest in hunting before.”

Of course, her dad said ‘yes’ and took her out hunting just as he did multiple times with his older children. After a few practice shots, they headed to the woods near Aubrie’s grandma’s house. Within the 72 hours, she bagged two does and one large buck.

“At first I didn’t realize how big the buck was,” said Aubrie. “It was far away so when we tracked it down I saw how big it was and it was bigger than I expected.”

For this to be her first time hunting her dad was very impressed by her skills.

“She shot really well,” he said. “I was in the Marines for four years doing active duty. She made me look bad out there,” he laughed. “I was really impressed.”

Aubrie credits her dad for encouraging her. She says its time well spent she will always remember.

“It was nice to have someone there who can appreciate you and be there for you,” she said as she smiled at her dad.

The Jehns plan to go on a lot more hunting adventures together in the future. As for the buck, the family plans to mount the head as a trophy of Aubrie's hard work.