UPDATE: Person involved in suicidal complaint arrested

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FOREST COUNTY, Wis. (WSAW) -- Forest County Sheriff John Dennee said the person involved in a suicidal complaint over the weekend has been arrested, but no other details are being released.

Earlier this week, the sheriff addressed what he called a rumor of a mass shooting threat.

This is the post on Facebook: There is not a mass shooting or any threats at all of a mass shooting in Forest County. This has at this time been determined to be a rumor that had on again has gotten out of hand. If anything were to come of this or be an actual threat we will let the public know as soon as possible. But at this time there is not any threat or active threat of any kind.

The sheriff said Forest County dispatchers did receive information about a welfare check from Oconto County about an Illinois resident who had left a suicide note. That information asked that if Forest County found the vehicle, to stop it and check on the welfare of the person inside.

The sheriff said around 7:30 Monday morning the Illinois resident bought a tarp and zip ties at Argonne Lumber in Argonne. Sheriff Dennee said at no time were there ever any comments, statements or information given to them about a mass shooting or shooting of any kind.

Forest County Potawatomi buildings were evacuated, but the sheriff said law enforcement did not tell them to do that. It was something they decided to do on their own based off of information given to them.