MARATHON, Wis. (WSAW) - When Gun Deer Season’s back in the fold, it’s not only a big time of the year for hunters, but also some local businesses, including Arrow Tap in Marathon. The owner there says preparations are key to welcoming their batch of customers.

“Definitely making sure you’re stocked on what they’re gonna want,” Sheena Buchberger, owner of Arrow Tap, said.

Sheena Buchberger, another owner of the bar agreed.

“We always stock up on hats and shirts that we give away to people for bringing their bucks in and showing them off here,” Buchberger said.

Among the big batch of customers at the bar were long-time, dedicated hunters.

“At 28 years old, I’ve been hunting since I was 12, so 16 years of hunting,” Luke Mucha of Wausau said. “Every riddle season, bow season, everything.”

Buchberger said the season pulls together a great group of people.

“It’s good to see the people, hear all the stories, just see the family comradery that comes with deer hunting season here in Wisconsin,” Buchberger said.

“Even just a small town, it’s a family thing,” Mucha added. “Deer or not, it’s family and friends that mean the most.”

Enjoying their time at their local spot has become a Gun Deer Season tradition for Mucha.

”If I’m not for riffle season, I come here with my family and friends,” Mucha said. “It’s a good place to hang out.”

“You can stop in after you get the big buck or in the afternoon,” Buchberger said. “Otherwise definitely stop back when you come back from camp and be safe and have fun.”

Many local businesses and bars, including Arrow Tap will have deals and offers throughout the entire Gun Deer Season. For more information on Arrow Tap, click here.