Family keeps tradition alive at annual ‘Grampa’s Farm’ in Merrill

Published: Sep. 18, 2023 at 1:41 AM CDT
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WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW) - ‘Grampa’s Farm’ welcomed families for their opening weekend into unique way of life.

The farm can be a learning experience for everyone but the owners say it is an especially good way to teach children.

“I think it’s important that they kind of see a simple way where their food can come from, or where their food come from, and up and close, you know often they’re disconnected from the animals that are in agriculture,” Alex Crockford, one of the owners, said.

“I think ‘Grampa’s Farm is really unique because we do have the old antiques and things like that, old fashioned kind of things for kids to learn about the history, how work used to be done and things like that,” Tricia Crockford, the other owner said.

Tricia is the daughter of Jim Severt, who started the fall tradition of teaching people about farming before modern technology. After he died in 2014, she made it her mission to continue the family ritual and keep adding things to it.

“It’s been kind of a natural opportunity. It’s been neat for us too just to explore a few things that are maybe more unique to us like the flower field that we have this year is something that’s more unique that we’ve done,” she said.

The flowers and corn may come from the ground, but the passion to teach comes from somewhere else.

“It’s in our hearts to do it. Alex is also a farmer, we used to be dairy farmers so we’ve, we have that experience, we like to be teachers ourselves,” Tricia said.

‘Grampa’s Farm’ is not just textbook learning. There are plenty of activities for the kids to engage in and enjoy while taking in the knowledge.

“The education’s important. I think though, I want them to just have their hearts full of joy, and to have that feeling of joy, having spent that time with their families,” Tricia said.

‘Grampa’s Farm’ will be open through Oct. 15.