New IV Hydration Clinic opening soon in Wausau

The facility will administer fluids and nutrients to patients of all walks of life with the possibility of adding medication in the future
Published: Jul. 13, 2023 at 9:25 PM CDT
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WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW) - Dare Health IV Hydration Clinic will be opening from Sunday onwards. They’ll be administering fluids and nutrients, and possibly in the future medications, to patients of all walks of life.

Some only know of the procedure being done in hospitals.

“There is not a single thing different from my process and doing it here in this clinic, than my process doing it in an in-patient setting like a hospital,” said Katelyn Mathie, Owner and Registered Nurse at Dare Health.

She’s been a registered nurse for over five years. Her team consists of a licensed practical nurse and a medical doctor. Even though they have the proper credentials, people are still worried about IV hydration.

“A lot of the times fear is due to a lack of education,” said Mathie.

IV hydration is a medical procedure that hydrates your cells from within. At Dare, they offer different types of infusions, like saline or lactated ringers, which are more hydrating.

“When you give it through an IV it’s an almost immediate attack to exactly where it has to go,” said Mathie.

Infusions can last 30 minutes to an hour. They also have additives like vitamins and minerals. For example, a Vitamin-C infusion to boost your immune system.

“A lot of the times the medical field is a solutionary field. Whereas it would be a lot more beneficial to be a preventative field,” said Mathie.

Speaking of preventative, they even have 15-minute injectable shots. So, before you go out drinking you won’t feel as bad the next day.

“I mean we’re in Wisconsin. We’re one of the number one drinking state in the united states,” said Mathie.

Costs range from $50-$175, but according to Mathie, they’re worth it.

“I’ve had mothers tell me stories about their 12-year-olds that have chronic illnesses and they started going to these clinics and they were a new kids again. I mean this isn’t a cash grab for me, it’s something that I feel very passionate about,” said Mathie.

Something important to know is they can’t treat kidney failure or heart failure. Once they’re more established they plan on adding additional therapies.