Sticking in the NBA: Sit-down interview with the Hauser brothers

Sam Hauser is a forward for the Boston Celtics and his brother Joey was just drafted by the Utah Jazz
Published: Jul. 5, 2023 at 6:31 PM CDT
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STEVENS POINT, Wis. (WSAW) - Joey Hauser has signed his first professional contract with the Utah Jazz, officially signing the deal on Monday ahead of his first NBA Summer League game.

Sports director Noah Manderfeld sat down with Joey and Sam Hauser before the start of the summer league to talk about what work lies ahead for Joey in professional basketball.

Below is a transcript of the interview:

Noah Manderfeld: “What have you learned about your game and what you need to improve to make it into League?”

Joey Hauser: “With my game, I would just say keep shooting the ball. Like the NBA right now, I’m watching the draft everybody, every team, it’s like team needs shooting three point shooting. I mean, every single team it felt like that’s what teams are relying on right now. Keep working to become a all around player, obviously, defensively, that’s always a big question. So you got to prove that you can guard at the NBA level.”

Noah: “I’ve heard that from a guy over to your left right here. I know he’s found a way with his shooting. What did you learn when he first came into the league and how you’re going to find a role that you have now”

Sam Hauser: “On our team, you know, we have two really big superstars in the league right now. So for me, it was just trying to find what works best to play off of them. And then just holding my own on the defensive end, like you mentioned, especially early on in the season, the first half of the season, I think, you know, every single game, you know, they’re calling me up and to get a switch to ISO me. So they’re definitely gonna test you. That’s just kind of the way it is in the NBA. It’s brutal at times. But if you take pride and take pride in yourself and sit down in the stands and guard, it’ll all work out”

Noah: “People compare your guys’ game and see a lot of similarities. How would you compare your games?”

Joey: “First off, I mean, Sam has always been like, an unbelievable shooter. I’ve been a good shooter. But I think growing up, I was more kind of like, played off the bounce a little bit more. I’ve really had to work myself into like becoming a professional shooter, is what I kind of call it. He’s always been a good defender. I don’t know why teams keep eyes on him. So he’s had he’s had he’s had that one on me a little bit. So I gotta keep working defensive.”

Noah: “Then how would you compare your game to his? Kind of similar to what he said?”

Sam: “Yeah, I think we’re similar. But there’s differences within the similarities. I think like in terms of shooting like he’s a very good spot shooter. I can maybe shoot a little a little bit better on the move, but that’ll come with time. He’s pretty crafty. He’s got the down low game that you know, in the NBA is kind of overlooked nowadays, but it’s always there if he needs it.”

Noah: “You’ve seen your brother go from a two way and get converted. And then of course, sign an extension. So you’ve seen that path. Does that give you some confidence going into to your journey as a rookie in the NBA?”

Joey: “Definitely does. I mean, I won’t overlook having a two way contract. But that’s the hard part is getting to a second contract in the NBA, a lot of guys can get the first one. But earning that second one is really tough. And he was able to do it. I saw the grind that he had to go through playing on the G-League playing with the big team going back and forth. It’s no joke. That’s something that you got to prepare for. And you gotta stick to the grind because that’s what that’s what ultimately helped him get there.”

Noah: ”It’s been a long summer, you don’t get much of a break. And then like you said, go into that grind. Are you prepared for that grind this upcoming season?”

Joey: “I think I am. There probably was a time where I wasn’t especially, you know, two, three years ago, but I’ve just kind of fell in love with with, you know, this journey. I guess I’ve always been a really hard worker. Always put the time in but just kind of fully invested myself and believing like this is what I can do it. This is what I want to do.”

Noah: “Last time you guys played on the same court was at Marquette. Now, there’s a chance you guys could play against each other. How exciting is that? That you guys could be playing against each other in the NBA.”

Sam: “I think it might be more special for our parents and it is for us even though it is really special to us too. But yeah, you know, you grow up you know, you always dream of being an NBA. But you never really know if you’re gonna get there until you actually get there and to have not one but two family members. You know the NBA and having the chance to play each other is gonna be really, really cool.”