Miltrim Farms expecting a good a season for crops amid dry conditions

Rain in the near future is needed to help the summer crops grow
Published: May. 30, 2023 at 6:05 PM CDT
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ATHENS, Wis. (WSAW) - We have been waiting for 80-degree weather for months and farmers have been even more anxious to get their spring crops harvested and summer crops planted.

Some people may think these crops are suffering here at Miltrim Farms and others across the state, but that’s not the case at all. Farmers have been hoping for this heat after a long and very wet spring.

“We were a bit delayed in planting and because the heat came on and things were dry we were able to get a lot of things in the ground quickly, which was great and we just started harvesting today, so far that’s been going really well too,” said David Trimner, owner, Miltrim Farms.

Soon the crops will need another drink or two.

“If it doesn’t rain soon, we will start to have some problems with new plants growing, the new crop coming back, so that’s something we are concerned about,” said Trimner.

For those working outside, Trimner reminded his employees to stay hydrated. As for everyone else, there’s no need to have a cow, Trimner makes sure those animals stay cool too.

“A lot of them are working in the barns and we have extended ventilation to keep the cows and the people cool. So it’s been pretty good with how they are working in those facilities, but for those who have to work outside you definitely have to drink plenty of water and keep yourself cool,” said Trimner.

With the improving weather, he expects the farm and others to be in a good financial state.

“The commodities will go down, so you will get a little less for what you are making. Hopefully, your yield will make up for that and by having a really good yield you can have more grain to sell and then from our perspective as a dairy farm we have more feed that we can feed our cows,” said Trimner.

Trimner adds they are at the total mercy of mother nature, but they are prepared for any scenario.