It’s the end of a blue season: Lots of blueberries at Chet’s Blueberry Farm

Chet's Blueberry Farm in Stevens Point says this year's crop could be the best in 6 years
Published: May. 26, 2023 at 7:37 PM CDT
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STEVENS POINT, Wis. (WSAW) - Winter may have been a bust for all of us, but not the blueberry farmers. Chet’s Blueberry Farm in Stevens Point is expected to produce lots of berries this summer. This could be their best season in six years.

Chet’s Blueberry Farm is ready to get creative with all their berries. They are having a comeback year. These blueberries must stay cold to fully blossom.

“Then when it got cold, it froze, and we lost the crop. This past year it remained cold enough that the berries stayed dormant the whole entire season and that way then they were protected and did not start waking up till the spring,” said Chet’s Blueberry Farm Manager Lisa Crockett.

If the weather does not cooperate they have a machine that makes snow, but they also have little helpers of their own who make sure these berries blossom.

“During the daytime, they will come out and start to explore. They will cover up to ten miles and that way they will cover every single one of the blossoms. If the bees do not pollinate the blossoms, you will not get any fruit,” said Crockett.

Chet’s Blueberry Farm will be heading back to the Stevens Point Farmer’s Market and they also will be going on a new business venture. They will be working with Stevens Point Beard Brothers to create a BBQ sauce.

“They hope to premiere it for their first anniversary on July 29th. It will be a sweet blueberry sauce and knowing them it will be spectacular; I can hardly wait to try it,” said Crockett.

They will open in July and don’t worry about those berries going to waste because when the season is over the blueberries will be used to make wine.