You Know You’re From...Antigo: Lukas Smith

Published: May. 22, 2023 at 9:34 PM CDT
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ANTIGO, Wis. (WSAW) - “I like Legos!”

In many ways, Lukas Smith embodies every other 5 year old.

“Well, I’m trying to make my cave,” he said while showing off his Lego creation.

“The world revolves around him some days, but he wants to include others in that,” said Sam Smith, Lukas’ mom.

Inclusion through birthday cards. It started as a community service requirement for Rural Virtual Academy.

“He decided that he was going to make birthday cards for every kid in Antigo and that’s what he wanted to do,” Sam said. “We got our hours in that we needed and he just wanted to keep doing it.”

Not for extra credit. Just out of the kindness of his growing heart.

“It was like, happy mom heart. I was so excited that he was so, like, loving and wanted to give back,” she said.

“I like about drawing inside the cards and then outside the cards putting stickers on is my favorite,” Lukas said while hard

Lukas sees his world through a different lens.

“They think he might be on the spectrum, but we don’t have an official diagnosis yet,” Sam said.

The cards keep his creative mind focused.

“I think right now he wants to make the person feel happy and that’s just the end goal for him,” she added.

“This is his first birthday card this year,” said Megan Novak, holding one of Lukas’ cards.

Eddie Novak just turned 5 a few weeks ago. After seeing a Facebook post, mom put in a request for a Lukas card.

“Love your new friend Lukas,” as Megan read the card from Lukas. “Sweet words.”

Words she hopes will inspire more kindness.

“It just shows that he wants to spread happiness and just share some joy with the other kids,” she said.

“I just hope that he kind of like takes away the kindness for people you might not know,” Sam added.

As long as Lukas keeps getting requests, he’ll keep spreading the joy. One card, and one sticker at a time.

“I’m so proud of him,” a smiling Sam claimed.

Lukas also makes birthday cards for nursing homes. He has a Facebook page now, Birthday Cards from Lukas.

You can fill out a request for a card by clicking here. He’s already sent cards to four states, including Wisconsin, Minnesota, Pennsylvania and Alabama.