Port Edwards baseball turning the page with 4-0 start

Published: Apr. 20, 2023 at 9:35 PM CDT
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PORT EDWARDS, Wis. (WSAW) - Port Edwards baseball has struggled to get over the hump. But a new Blackhawks squad has stepped up to the plate in 2023.

“We stick, we’ve been playing hard the whole game, we haven’t been playing through all seven innings before,” says Jacob Orheim, Senior Second Baseman and Pitcher. “So this year we’re starting to play harder, jotting’s coming around, fielding’s been good, and we’re not making as many errors as we used to and we’re a solid squad this year.”

Seven straight losses ended last season, the Blackhawks have turned the page so far. They have four straight wins out of the box

“There wasn’t one player that made a difference in one of the games last week, it was a team effort,” says Ben Martinson, Head Coach. “Every night there was two-to-three kids that made a play in the field, maybe went two-for-three up to bat, stole some bases, did some different things.”

Martinson appreciates his squad and the feeling is mutual.

“It’s not just the game of baseball over here, it’s improve and making sure that everybody’s good,” says Orheim. “It’s fun to come together and he makes sure that you’re good. So we’re just a great little family here.”

Chemistry is working in the early part of the season, but the Blackhawks know there’s plenty of baseball left to play.

“Coming into every game, you can’t be too overconfident,” says Orheim. “Every team is still great, even the teams you think they’re down a little bit right now. No, you gotta go in like every team is there to play.”

“You’re never good enough, there’s always things to work on. There’s always a different approach up to the plate, there’s always a better pitch we can work on.” says Martinson.

Orheim is the only senior for Port Edwards, Coach Martinson says he’s become a valuable leader for the team. Orheim embraces his role, saying he loves his team like his own brothers.